Things That Can Cause Vaginal Dryness

As a woman gets older, the estrogen production tends to be lower and lower, something that leads to a variety of issues such as female dryness. One of the main problems that a woman can face when aging is Vaginal Dryness. This is a condition through which the vagina, as well as the external genitalia of a woman dry, become more fragile, pale and at the same time increase the vulnerability to infections, trauma and bleeding.

What causes dry pussy?

There are a variety of things that can bring lower estrogen levels, alongside aging, and all of these can add up then lead to dry pussy. For example, the estrogen levels can drop because of breastfeeding or child birth, radiation, chemotherapy or radiation, the surgical removal of ovaries or even anti-estrogen medications.
Moreover, other symptoms that might show you have female dryness are douching, the lack of foreplay before sex, allergies or autoimmune disorders like the Sjogren syndrome.

Ways to get rid of Vaginal Dryness